Health & Safety

Health & Safety

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Our Health and Safety Policy commits Jay-Nart to a safety program that places the well-being of our employees, our clients, our property and the public as our priority. The management of this company has the responsibility to provide a safe work environment to prevent the occurrence of an accident and the accidental injury to any of its employees and physical assets. The prevention of occupational injury is of such importance that it will be given the greatest priority. In fulfilling this commitment, management will provide a work environment that is in compliance with legislative and industry standards, but strives to surpass these standards.

Jay-Nart Directional Drilling Ltd. is committed to the health and safety or our workers, our clients, our job sites, the environment and the public. As such we are active participants in the following safety protocols:

  • Certificate of recognition (COR) since 2001
  • ISNetworld since 2010
  • Complyworks since 2010
  • PICS since 2011

Semcams North West Wapiti Loop Pipeline

Completed crossings of NPS 8 with lengths between 500 meters and 550 meters with depths of up to 57 meters.  Projects were completed utilizing DataTraX wireline technology.

Keyera Fort Saskatchewan Pipeline Expansion Project

Completed bores with pipe bundle combinations of NPS 20, NPS 10 and two NPS 8 with crossing lengths of up to 170 meters.

Inter Pipeline Polaris Project

PX9 - Edmonton Connection - Pipe diameter of NPS 24 with lengths of up to 350 meters crossing roads, wetlands and existing underground facilities.

PX6 - Christina Lake Expansion - Pipe diameter of NPS 30 with lengths up to 170 meters crossing roads and existing underground facilities.

Camp Nakamun Septic Revitalization Project

Multiple crossings of NPS 4 with lengths over 400 meters.

Sherwood Park and Beaumont Area Subdivisions Water and Sewer Installation

4” DR11 HDPE and 3” DR11 HDPE
Mainline and services drilled in at engineered and surveyed depths.